bradcaster: gnome has conservative autotools scripts


this is a broadcaster to stick you to an annoying problem with all
of the packages of the full gnome releases since (I believe) 2.10
(tested on two independent, plain non-distro systems with all the
config done right and no other package complaining yet--to stop you
from flaming like silly and come to the point).

The gnome packages seem to not detect anything outside /usr. One has to
stick them to it. I have a lot in opt, including all the A/V libs and
even X. That I'm talking about gnome shows you that there's already a
lot installed. However, the gnome packages don't even detect libjpeg or
X, though X comes with a pkg-config file now. Please make shure that
your scripts make proper use of the common environment variables
LD_/LIBRARY_PATH and pkg-config whereever possible.



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