GNOME's license and Apache? (Adding Simpy to epilicious)

(I'm not entirely sure where to send this so pardon the cross-posting.)

I'm looking into adding support for Simpy[1] to epilicious (an extension
to Epiphany, part of epiphany-extensions since 2.18).  There is a Python
module that makes it easy to deal with Simpy, which is great.  However
that module is licensed under Apache License version 2 and [2] says that
license doesn't play nice with GPL2.

What are my options in this case?

 Is dual-licensing a possibility (given that I can convince the author
 of course)?

 Would there be a problem at all from a GNOME POV to simply include the
 Python module in question?  (It would make it into GNOME SVN at some

Writing a small Python module tailored for epilicious needs is of course
always an option, but I'd like to avoid that if possible ;-)



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