GObject bindings for Google's GData

Greetings all,

The recent release of an Objective-C/Cocoa GData framework for the Mac
platform has only heightened my personal hope and interest in
Desktop/Web Services integration. I know there has been much discussion
recently of the "Gnome Online Desktop" and I'm far from expert on the


However, it seems as though the introduction of a similar GObject/GData
framework could do well for this initiative.  It might simplify the use
of Google's services (e.g calendar, blogger, apps, etc.) by Gnome apps.
The framework could define a set of core GObjects (Feed, Entry, Service)
and perhaps a DBUS service.

Anyway, I anticipate that I'm not the only person to offer or suggest
such an idea.  But in case there is great interest, I've gone and
created a project page at:


Maybe this page/email could serve as a starting point for discussion and
I'm happy to add project members. (Whatever the venue, I'm just hoping
that discussion and ideas will be stimulated.)  There is rudimentary
code I would like to check-in sometime soon as well. 

Any thoughts?

Best regards,
Jason Willis

Disclaimer:  I'm just a humbled Gnome user/admirer ;-)
Ideas/direction/code are surely welcomed!

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