coding style

Hi everyone!

   The only documentation one can find about the gnome coding style
though google is here:

   according to which:

" Read the (Standards)Writing C info node in the GNU documentation.
Then, get the Linux kernel sources and read the file
linux/Documentation/CodingStyle, and ignore Linus's jokes. These two
documents will give you a good idea of what we recommend for GNOME

  as if these styles resemble each other in any way. This just
confuses a newbie.

"For core GNOME code we prefer the Linux kernel indentation style. Use
8-space tabs for indentation."

   Looking at the gtk+ source code, it doesn't at all seem to follow
that and if gtk+ is not "core GNOME code" then what is?


Zeeshan Ali Khattak
FSF member#5124

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