Re: set background image in GtkWindow

В Срд, 03/01/2007 в 14:11 +0100, Jan Gehring пишет:
> Hello,
> i've searched google for a solution for my problem, but nothing i
> found there worked...
> I want to add a background image to my GtkWindow.
> Can somebody tell me how this works?
> Thank you
> Jan

You can use gdk_window_set_back_pixmap function to set pixmap of

GdkWindow for some widgets are accessible after widget is realized with

But basically it won't help you. GtkWindow is just a container, it's
background aren't drawn usually. So you have to set the background for
every widget that has GdkWindow in your GtkWindow.

I suppose it's better not to change background at all. Users like their
gtk theme and the look of the widgets, there is no reason to disturb

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