Call for devs: gnome-format

Hi, I'm working on a program written in Python + PyGTK that will
hopefully be included in GNOME once it's finished, but I'm not too handy
with Python and I'd like to work with some people who are better at it.
Thoughts, comments, complaints, etc are also welcome!

Basically, the program addresses a small but pretty fundamental 'piece'
missing in desktop Linux; my friend asked me the other day, "How do I
format my USB disk in GNOME?", and I was like "....!" 

Basically, there is no user-friendly way to do this, the closest that
exists is GParted, and there isn't any access to it from Nautilus; this
is a pretty glaring omission that needs to be fixed post-haste.

I've been working on a program that uses HAL to get the list of storage
volumes and show a simple dialog. An important feature in this tool is
that it displays user-friendly filesystem selection ie:

* Compatible with Linux
* Compatible with Linux/Windows/Mac OS X 
* -----
* Specific Filesystem:
* * ext3
* * reiserfs, etc...

The code I've got so far can be checked out using Subversion, it
compiles currently but isn't finished yet and isn't my "best work", as
it were:

svn co svn://

Paul Betts <bettsp cse ohio-state edu>

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