Re: installing a panel applet without being root

В Втр, 20/02/2007 в 17:04 +0100, David Madore пишет:
> Hi.  I hope this is the right mailing-list to ask that sort of
> questions.
> I'd like to write a Gnome panel applet to run on a computer on which I
> am not root.  The tutorial on <URL:
> > instructs
> me to put a .server file in /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/ - but obviously I
> don't have write access to that directory.  I tried using
> /usr/sbin/bonobo-activation-sysconf to add $HOME/.bonobo/servers to
> the search path, but I don't have permission to edit
> /etc/bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-config.xml either; I've also
> heard that the BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH environment variable can help
> me, but I don't know for which process I should set it (the problem
> being that I'm totally lost in the forest of Gnome processes, which
> spawns which and so on, so I don't know how I could initialize that
> variable).
> So, what's the usual/recommended way to install Gnome panel applets
> withtout being administrator?
> Thanks in advance for any hints,

Hello David

Sorry for slow response, if you don't subscribed to the list you have to
wait for confirmation, that's why it's better to subscribe before

About your question, for sure you can install your applet in say
$(HOME)/local and you need to export some variables then. You can export
them in .bash_profile so they will be used in the whole session

I usually export the following:


for using libraries


also you have to pass --with-gconf-source=xml::/home/me/.gconf to
program configure and probably you need to adjust some other variables
for example XDG_DATA_DIRS to properly handle icons. But to start PATH

don't forget to export them after assigning:


Of course you can just use jhbuild, it should help you to build
complete GNOME desktop in your home directory with little effort. It
will export everything required for you and also will help you to track
latest software, which is useful for development.

Hope, that helps

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