GNOME "Save as" dialog; Keyboard indicator applet


first of all, please excuse me for my poor English knowledge.

For one of my projects I need to have a standard GNOME keyboard indicator applet loaded automatically after Ubuntu installation process (for the standard user). User can't do this manually, because he will have a limited access to the configuration options (limited to zero :-)). I am looking how to do this. Is there any chance to put the applet to the panel from the command line (gconftool-2 has some options, but until now I don't know how exactly do this). Can you kick me at the right direction, please? :-)

Second question is about standard "Save as" GNOME dialog. I have / filesystem with .hidden file, so user can saw (in Nautilus) just /home /tmp and /media folders. That's what i want and need. But when i want to save file in Firefox, i can see full list of directories of root fs (/boot /lib ...). Is there any chance for make all of / folders (excluded /home /tmp /media) hidden?

I hope, that you understand me what i mean. Uff.



Lumír Jasiok
VSB-TU Ostrava - Computer centre
E-mail: lumir jasiok vsb cz

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