Gnome Startup logs

I have an application which uses xsmp to
restart.  It is an X11 application and uses
libice and libsm.  Up till the version of
gnome used with fedora core 6 it worked
fine.  Now, when I log in, not all the windows
restart.  If I save the session on logout,
and go in as root, the $HOME/.gnome2/session
file shows all the start commands exactly as expected.
When I log back in only 1 of the copies of the
program is started.  I added debugging code
to the program and it appears the others are
not getting called.

Two questions.
1.  Is there a known issue related to this

2.  Is there a startup log which can be enabled
    which might give some clues as to why all
    the copies of the program do not start.

One interesting note.  When I used two different
paths to the program (one with the debugging code
and one normal), I got one of each starting on 

Any pointers to appropriate documentation would
be appreciated.

Bob Styma

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