Re: [gdm-list] xdm doesn't run thru the gdm??

abdelkader belahcene wrote:

Refer to section 5.2.3 of the docs for information about configuring

Note Enable=false by default, so you need to turn it on if you want
it to work.  You can also configure by running gdmsetup as root
and change the XDMCP settings there.


The following doesn't exit at all on previous version, on sarge
(debian) I used last year, but it on the current version etch

the problem is:
I have a serveur running the standard etch (debian ) with gnome, I
configured the Login window and check (activate) the XDMCP.  My server
is not visible from a remote client.
Is there a new thing in gdm or gnome ( or in debian ???) which can
stop the Xdmcp protocol ??

I did same procedure on previous release, without problem!!!!!

I don't know if it is a gnome problem ( because I noticed same problem
with Fedora 5)  or debian problem.

thanks for help
best regards
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