Re: GnomeApp widget

В Срд, 03/10/2007 в 15:54 -0700, Micah Carrick пишет:
> The GnomeApp widget had some "BonoboDock" toolbars which could be moved 
> around. As I understand it, Bonobo is deprecated and GnomeApp is or will 
> be soon. In the preferences dialog for menus and toolbars in GNOME, I 
> see an option for "Detachable toolbars" which I assume is referring to 
> this BonoboDock toolbars in the GnomeApp widget.
> Is this dock for the toolbars going anywhere? Is it going to be 
> implemented in GTK+ or another library?

Hello Micah

I suppose this configure option will be removed too. Actually not many
apps now allow docking of toolbar.

If you need a docking library there is gdl, but it's not so good for

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