Re: feature request

2008/8/23 Thorsten Kocher <newsgroup kocher-net de>:
> Hi all,
> I do not know if this is the right newsgroup but you can point me to the right on, probably.
> Itwould be very useful in my point of view if I would be able to save/logthe buffer output of a gnome terminal or even search in the buffer fora keyword.

I believe you might find tee useful.  Otherwise you can look into screen.

> So it would be a lot more easier to orientate myself in an huge output or to log my administrative work on an other maschine ie.
> By the way msdos offers the find option already.
> Who likes the idea as well?

I personally don't find myself wanting this often enough that I mind
using tee or screen.  So for me it'd be a "No, I don't want it in
Gnome Terminal"  But that's just me ;-)


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