Re: Window focus vs. raising

On Feb 11, 2008 2:33 PM, Enno Fennema <e fennema tiscali nl> wrote:

I am fairly new to Gnome. One feature that I have been unable to find is
 how to raise one window on the desktop but leave keyboard focus with
another. In the documentation all I find talks about 'selecting' a
window which then implies both giving focus and raising the window.

Is there any way to make a distinction ?
(I have recently asked this question on the general list but got no
reply. Hope to do better here).

This is a Gtk+ related question, I dont know what the general
list is, this question should go to gtk-app-devel-list gnome org.

About your question, I expect its possible even though I cant think
of any use cases for raising a window that doesnt have focus.

Now I would expect gtk_window_present() to do both, raise the
window and set keyboard focus, what apis are you using ?

I would expect gdk_window_raise() to do what you want although
its not really normal to access the widget's window directly, you
should be able to get along with the GtkWindow apis.


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