Re: gnome-config not found

В Птн, 11/07/2008 в 11:04 -0600, Nitin Jain пишет:
> Hi!
> I'm a newbie on this forum as well as to the world of GTK, so
> apologies for any mistakes in prior.
> I'm trying to install an old application (from source) that uses GTK
> and GNOME graphical toolkits - however, while running the configure
> script, I get a
> "configure: error: Program gnome-config not found".
> Browsing uptil now has yielded the info that `gnome-config' used to be
> a part of `pkg-config' but was axed... so, I am not sure if merely
> changing the configure script (replacing `gnome-config' with
> `'pkg-config') would help? As such, I have installed the gtk-devel,
> libgnomeui packages (and am on SuSE 10.2).

You probably need to install GNOME 1.4 desktop from a compatibility

for gnome-config you need to install the package


> Also, in case it's not easy to override the dependancy on
> gnome-config, then can you please tell me some alternative(s)? How
> easy would it be, for a newbie, to port the API that makes use of the
> newer *stuff* ?

Well, it's quite a complicated work. What exact program are you talking
about, probably we can help to port it to GNOME2 quickly.

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