Re: Qt for GNOME?

Le Wednesday, 16. July 2008 17:04:43, vous avez écrit :
> I also can't help thinking that, why not put a Qt API on top of GNOME
> Platform?
I think you're meaning the other way around, Gnome on top of Qt, thats the 

> Believe it or not, Qt is a more polished and integrated toolkit on the
> surface, but we have better and more robust code in the inside.  I say
> that from my experience from Pango, having worked with Qt hackers to
> merge the text shaping engine of Qt and Pango into HarfBuzz.  We also
> have things like cairo, which is becoming the standard drawing API on
> freedesktop, is designed with API usability in mind from the beginning,
> and is simply too cool to give away.

I'm not into all the details relating pango and cairo implementation but at 
least the latter has a weakness, it has only a double-precision rendering 
path, no single-precision and no int-based, which is bad for embedded devices 
which have limited capabilities (no floating point unit, ...).
Sascha Peilicke

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