Re: porting GdkFont

on., 23.07.2008 kl. 19.17 -0600, skrev Nitin Jain:
> Hi everyone,
> I am new to GTK programming, so pardon the simplicity of the request.
> As of now, am porting an application to GTK+-2.0 mainly by rummaging
> through  and changing the code
> accordingly.
> However, now I am stuck as I can't find the UNdeprecated equivalent of
> GdkFont and member functions.
> Some *confusing* results seem to convey that it has moved to either
> Pango or Cairo (or both), so could someone please confirm me the same
> and also point to some link or give a short reference, which can make
> the life of this porter, a tad easier!? :)

Maybe this helps?


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