Re: Bug and discussion about ubuntu menu

Kalle Vahlman wrote:
2008/3/15, Ouattara Oumar Aziz (alias wattazoum) <wattazoum gmail com>:
 Dear gnome developers and Users,

 We are having on ubuntu-devel-discuss mailing list a discussion about
 refactoring the gnome menu layout.

FWIW, the menus are redundant due to the control center shell having
the categorized layout. IIRC there's been discussion on removing the
menuitems, though I don't remember if any decisions have been made.

 So I the point is, I like the idea below. Removing the *Preferences* and
 *Adminstration* menu and replacing them with a single menu
 *Configuration* with a set of submenus.

Since the cc shell is pretty much a solution to the uselessly big
preference menu and submenus and also includes the things under
Administration, more approperiate would be to replace the submenus
with a launcher for the cc than escalating the problem by even deeper

Thank you for your comment :-)

Can you keep at least the ubuntu devel discuss mailing list in copy ?

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