Gnome + stock-exchange trading platform

Dear Developers and Users of Gnome,


My name is Ivan Maksymov, I work for the company BolsAvizor Ltd. headquartered in Kharkov, Ukraine and Mexico-city, Mexico.


Our products are stand-alone trading platforms such as AmpleSight ( and BolsAvizor ( BolsAvizor was developed taking into account the requirements of individual and institutional South American traders. It is very popular in Chile, Mexico and Argentina. Its big brother AmpleSight has English GUI and is widely used the world over.


We know that many users of BolsAvizor would prefer to work and trade with Linux. We also know that they like the Gnome desktop.


We have prepared our new GNU Linux-orientated product that boasts of the best features of AmpleSight and BolsAvizor but also has some pioneering advances. This product will be absolutely free for all users of Linux.


We would like to know if it will be possible to include our software into the standard Gnome distribution. We are sure that Gnome will gain from offering a trading platform with advanced technical analysis tools able to receive financial data and execute trade orders both in real time.


Please, let us know your opinions.


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


Ivan Maksymov


BolsAvizor Ltd.

Yaroslavskaya str., bldg. 11/13

Kharkiv 61052



Av. Mariano Escobedo Nú. 510 – PH
Col. Anzures
Ciudad de México 11590


Phone: +52 55 8421 7433


E-mail: i maksymov bolsavizor com



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