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I am currently developing an application called mtn-browse. It uses Perl Gtk2 bindings. Everything has worked out fine so far apart from I cannot get the help working. It is probably something fairly basic that I am doing wrong but I can't find any help on the matter (only other people having the same problem).

      OS: WhiteBox Linux Respin 1 (RedHat AS4U3 clone, i686).
Ver: Gtk: 1.2.10 Gnome: (as given by gtk-config --version and gnome-config --version)

Why an older version? 1) I started developing this for work (will be published under GPL3) and they use RHAS4U2. 2) I wanted to reach a wider audience rather than go with the bleeding edge so to speak).

   I initialise the app with:

       Gnome2::Program->init("mtn-browse", 0.51);

   and call up help with:


   and I get on stderr:

Gnome-WARNING **: gnome-program.c:987: Directory properties not set correctly. Cannot locate application specific files. at ./mtn-browse line 676.
*** unhandled exception in callback:
*** Unable to find the GNOME_FILE_DOMAIN_APP_HELP domain at ./mtn-browse line 676.
***  ignoring at ./mtn-browse line 342.

I basically copied one of the existing Gnome help files into the current directory where I'm developing the app so I could test the general principle.

   1) What am I doing wrong? And how do I go about correcting it?
2) Does one need the extra support files have seem to go with the xml files and is there a simple way of generating them. Remember I am developing a Perl app and so don't have a make file as such (as generated by say Glade) so I am after a set of simple commands one can do on the command line or in a dedicated make file just for generating the help file(s).

Another relevant point is that mtn-browse is designed to be installed where the user wants rather than forcing them to install it under /usr. Therefore I need to be able to find the mtn-browse help files where ever they may be located (so I need to tell Gnome where to look - I guess this is done through API calls and/or the environment). How can this be done?

Sorry for the list of questions but I have spent some time looking on the web for help, probably in the wrong place admittedly, but on this topic I have come to a dead-end.

   Many thanks for any help in advance.

   Yours faithfully,

   Tony Cooper.

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