Re: Help needed with using gnomevfs/gvfs

Alexander Larsson schrieb:
> On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 10:10 +0200, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I need to write a small app which will catch volume mounts and unmounts
>> as well as drive insertions/removal.
>> I have written a Perl daemon for that, which hooks to the signals
>> "drive-connected", "drive-disconnected", "volume-mounted" and
>> "volume-pre-unmount" of a Gnome2::VFS::VolumeMonitor object. Getting
>> "volume-mounted" or the disk signals works just fine, but I never get
>> "volume-pre-unmount".
>> I have no idea why, I already asked on the gtk2-perl mailing list but
>> got no answer. In addition, I noticed that I am not getting
>> "drive-connected" any more und Ubuntu Jaunty when the drive in question
>> contains no recognized file system. This is bad because one use for this
>> app is to auto-mount TrueCrypt encrypted volumes.
>> I suspect this has to do with deprecation of GnomeVFS, but Python and
>> Perl (the languages I know best) bindings for GVFS seem to not exist or
>> are badly documented.
>> Can anyone help me with this?
> You only get volume-pre-unmount when unmounting via gnome-vfs. And
> unfortunately, everything in the desktop now unmounts via gio, so you
> need to use that to get this.
> GVfs has no bindings, because it doesn't have an API, its purely an
> extension of glib. All the API is in gio (in glib), which is availible
> at least in the python bindings.
Thanks for your help. I found out how to get a GVolumeMonitor reference
with Python, but the situation is now even worse. I tried connecting to
all signals of GVolumeMonitor, but this time I get only "mount-added"
and "mount-removed". Still no pre-unmount, and no drive-(dis)connected
(I have yet to find out what "volume-(dis)connected" means here). I
managed to get the "unmounted" signal of a GMount returned by above
signals, but that's too late; I need to be able to write to the
filesystem being unmounted.

Also, I noticed that the output of e.g. get_mounts() in my app does
never change. I.e. this code snippet:

import gio, time
while True:
    print gio.volume_monitor_get().get_mounts()

will always show the state when it was invoked, but will never display
new mounts and keep displaying mount which where removed in the meantime.

Can you help me again?


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