[Announce] GNOME Global Menu 0.7.3 is released.

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce the release of GNOME Global Menu 0.7.3.

Global Menu is the globally-shared menu bar of all applications launched
in your desktop session.

In this release, we bring you the further polished

gnome-globalmenu 0.7.3 

svn checkout http://gnome2-globalmenu.googlecode.com/svn/tags/v0.7.3 



      * Improved XFCE Plugin 
              * (1) dependency to gmenu removed. 
              * (2) border (1 pixel at topmost) (need to be verified) 
      * Improved Switcher on 
              * (1) application name detection 
              * (2) menu layout 
              * (3) Rebased the switcher on top of libgnomenu, making it
                much faster.
      * libgnomenu.so is separately installed 
      * libgnomenu is gir-ready under namespace Gnomenu, configure with
      * Gracefully loading and unloading the gtk module 
      * Avoid the bazaar 'Global Menu Bar' label at startup ASAP 
      * Added a svn version in applet's about dialog(only if built from
      * Smarter applet: if the gtk module is not loaded, send a desktop
        notify to guide the user. NEW BUILDING DEPENDENCY:
      * Place icons correctly in a vertical panel 
      * Added many translations 
      * Fixed several memory issues (core dump at about/pref dialog) 

Thank you for your graceful support and patience!


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