Re: [Announce] GNOME Global Menu 0.7.3 is released.

Yu Feng <rainwoodman gmail com> writes:

> Dear friends,
> We are glad to announce the release of GNOME Global Menu 0.7.3.
> Global Menu is the globally-shared menu bar of all applications launched
> in your desktop session.
> In this release, we bring you the further polished
> gnome-globalmenu 0.7.3 
> svn checkout 
> Downloads: 

I'm writing currently pl_PL.po for thus app. However:
1. I'm nearly sure that the some translations are included into standard
(such as close).
2. Instead of "Home Page" please use "Home Webpage" - I was nearly sure
that it means that but I had to check it in code.
3. More comments in po sometimes could be helpful. For example there is
XML in the pot file. Is it an error or should it be transleted? And what
should be translated? I guess that _-prefixed elements - but I know the
gettext from programmer's point of view - don't expect every translator
will know it.


PS. Is metacity po files license compatible?
I've probably left my head... somewhere. Please wait untill I find it.
Homepage (pl_PL):
(GNU/)Linux User: #425935 (see

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