Re: Possible conceptual problem between VINO and Gnome-keyring

On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 14:45 -0200, Tiago "Salvador" Souza wrote:
> Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> > 2009-02-09 klockan 14:12 skrev Tiago Salvador Souza:
> >> This fails, because gnome-keyring will prompt for the user to unlock the
> >> keyring before allowing vino to access the password, thus making you
> >> unable to login.
> > 
> > My default keyring is unlocked upon login by libpam-keyring.
> > 
> >     ? Wouter
> Hmm, that would make sense, thanks Wouter. So if you are not using PAM
> you pretty much will have to deal with that correct?

Or maybe Vino should try to access the keyring right at startup, so that
if the keyring is still locked the dialog pops when the user is there.


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