libvte: bugs


I noticed that both sakura and gnome-terminal share some bugs, 
so I thought this must be related to libvte that both use.

First thing is that the cursor unfortunately becomes invisible when 
hovering over text that is brightblue-on-blue (\e[1;34;44m), such as it 
happens in mcedit on EOL and whitespace highlighted in that color.

Subsequently, I do not find an option to toggle the blinking of the 

Third issue is that interaction with BCE seems to be not correctly 
working. Point in case:

echo -en "\e[44m\e[2J\e[1;1H""hello""\e[0;36m\n\t\e[0;44m""world\e[0m\n"

Will leave black bands (assuming the default background is black) in 
terminals utilizing vte. The VGA console (aka tty1), Xterm and even 
PuTTY, all do the "right" thing however and have the entire background 
blue. \t is not equivalent to outputting spaces, but moving the cursor.

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