Re: gnome-mount notifications & media-applet

В Пнд, 16/03/2009 в 18:33 +0100, Christian Martellini пишет:
> Hi guys,
> My name is Christian and I'm the main developer of media-applet a
> small utility for gnome that handles removable devices and local
> disks.

Hi Chiristian

Nice applet indeed. It would be nice to get it inside gnome-applets one

> In order to satisfy requests of people using media-applet, I'm working
> to introduce a better notification system that notifies people when a
> device is unmounted. 
> I have already made this on the latest svn release of my project, but
> I have an annoying problem:  gnome mount notifies users that they can
> remove the device only when a device that require writing data to disk
> is unmounted (after all data has been written on it), but this way I
> got 2 notifications telling the same thing to the users, the first
> from gnome-mount and the second from media-applet.
> See this Screenshot for a better understanding
> Since I think that gnome-mount is the proper place for handling this
> kind of notification don't you think that it could be useful for users
> to introduce in gnome-mount a notification that always appearswhen a
> device is unmounted and not only when you unmount a device that need
> some data to be written on it? 

To be honest I don't get your point. If user explicitely requirested to
unmount the volume and it was unmounted why do you need to disturb him
with annoying notification that will take few mouse movements to hide?
Why not just adapt to the current state of things.

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