gnome-mount notifications & media-applet

Hi guys,
My name is Christian and I'm the main developer of media-applet a small utility for gnome that handles removable devices and local disks.

In order to satisfy requests of people using media-applet, I'm working to introduce a better notification system that notifies people when a device is unmounted.

I have already made this on the latest svn release of my project, but I have an annoying problem:  gnome mount notifies users that they can remove the device only when a device that require writing data to disk is unmounted (after all data has been written on it), but this way I got 2 notifications telling the same thing to the users, the first from gnome-mount and the second from media-applet.
See this Screenshot for a better understanding

Since I think that gnome-mount is the proper place for handling this kind of notification don't you think that it could be useful for users to introduce in gnome-mount a notification that always appears when a device is unmounted and not only when you unmount a device that need some data to be written on it?

Maybe this could be a user-activable feature through gconf.

If a device is unmounted with an application different from nautilus (for example using media-applet :) ) there is no feedback telling you that the device was unmounted and a notification could be very useful.

Thanks for your attention,

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