GNOME Terminal Documentation

Hi, I'm working on updating the GNOME Terminal documentation, which
last updated by Christian Persch in December.

I didn't see a mailing list for GNOME Terminal, and wasn't sure where
to ask, so if this isn't the right place, please let me know.

My goals for updating the docs for GNOME Terminal are:

* Make GNOME Terminal docs compatible with Pulse
* Update "About This Document"
* Update the description / metadata per Bug 500563 from the GHOP
* Bug 544101 (Custom Command documentation)  I need some help with
this one.  Looking at the second comment in Bugzilla, I'm not really
sure what the bug report is asking to be documented as it relates to
GNOME Terminal's current behavior.  The documentation currently

Run a custom command instead of my shell

                      Select this option to run a specified command,
other than the normal shell, in the terminal. Specify the custom
command in the Custom command text box.

I almost think that for users who go into the Preferences of GNOME
Terminal to set a custom command that runs instead of the shell, they
probably know what they're doing and the current documentation is good
enough.  Thoughts?

Also, does anyone have any other updates that need to be applied in
the GNOME Terminal docs?



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