Re: Libuniqueapp: undefined reference to `org_gnome_GUniqueAppInterface_send_message'

В Птн, 29/05/2009 в 07:32 +0200, gege2061 пишет:
> Hello,
> I would like use the libuniqueapp library, but it doesn't link with my
> application:
> undefined reference to
> `org_gnome_GUniqueAppInterface_send_message'
> I compile with the waf build system, but if I delete this function, it
> works fine.
> What is the problem?
> -- 
> Nicolas Joseph

Dear Nicolas

Please provide more information to let us help you. 

What version of libUnique are you trying to use? 
How did you build and install it? 
Why it's not the latest released one? 
How do you link the library?

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