Re: C99 complex types in Glib


glib development is discussed on the gtk-devel mailing list, but I can
directly answer to you right now.

On Sat, 2010-12-11 at 00:19 +0100, CaStarCo wrote:

> I write here because i have many doubts and because i want to
> contribute with my code to the Glib library ^^ .

cool, contributions are much welcome...

> The first doubt is : The Glib project is using the C99 spec or the C89
> spec?

for portability reasons, GLib follows the C89 spec. the C99 spec is not
fully implemented by all compilers on all platforms we're tracking, so
it cannot be used.

> If it's the second case... there is any way to contribute to Glib
> adding support to the complex floating point types that C99 introduced
> in the year 2000 ?

honestly, I doubt this is a compelling enough use case to introduce new
types; applications that require complex floating point types will also
require other ad hoc facilities that GLib does not provide.

nevertheless, if new types have been introduced and if they can be
checked at configure-time, then they may be supported by wrapping them,
in to provide a graceful degradation path.

code contributions for GLib go through Bugzilla:



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