jhbuild check needed for ffi


	After the frustration with something killing gnome settings daemon on my
openSuSE 11.0 install, I decided to build gnome with jhbuild to crosscheck with
something I would have debug information for.

	I configured jhbuild per the website, ran jhbuild sanitycheck and bootstrap and
got a clean bill of health -- no errors, no requirements not met.

	Building gnome 2.30, jhbuild failed on step 17/238 due to the missing
dependency of ffi.h (Foreign Function Interface library). Installing the library
and the continuing the build worked fine.

	It might be a good idea for a ffi.h check to be added during the jhbuild sanity
check. That way, the 2.30 build will keep running after you kick it off and then
go the sleep :p

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