Re: Possible kde44 conflict breaking gnome - need help finding out

On 02/17/2010 05:35 AM, Neil Bird wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'.
>>    Without the GNOME settings manager running, some preferences may
>> not take
>>    effect. This could indicate a problem with Bonobo, or a non-GNOME
>> (e.g. KDE)
>>    settings manager may already be active and conflicting with the GNOME
>>    settings manager.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   If this is not the root cause of all your woes, it's definitely the
> first thing to figure out.  I personally wouldn't be worrying about
> /any/ of the other symptoms until this is running OK.


	Thank you for your reply! I have checked and there isn't any kde 'anything'
running. That is the strange part. Here are two screenshots that clearly show
what I'm talking about. The first is what my black-gold gtk theme looks like,
but it is with thunderbird running in KDE!

	When I state gnome (where the gtk theme used to work perfectly), I get nothing
but the unthemed look:

	One thing I am suspicious about is the way kde has always bandaided a gtk
config into kde so the gtk apps looked right. I wonder if in kde44, this is
conflicting with the gnome-settings-daemon.

	Another thing that looks out of place is when gnome loads it is loading an
Xcursor that I had set a while back, but have since changed in kde. I don't
know, maybe they have the ability to have separate cursor configs, but that was
another thing I noticed.

	The processes running when gnome settings daemon fails are shown here: (just a
'ps axf' listing)

	I can't see anything kde'ish running that would prevent the settings daemon
from running.

	I have also tried changing the display manager from kdm to gdm hoping that
would eliminate any possible kde'ish things from running, but it made no
difference with the settings daemon.

>   *Is* there another (KDE) settings thing running, somehow added to your
> login?  I don't know what the KDE equivalent of g-s-d would be, but
> really from login (into a GNOME session) I would hope not to see any KDE
> processes (unless you're also starting KDE apps. at login).
>   Try killing any KDE-like processes.

	I have killed any kde process I could find and there is still something amiss.

	Is there a way I can install gnome from source? If so, do you have a link that
explains the process? I don't mind wiping the rpm install and installing from
git or svn. (in fact, I'd prefer it) That way I could move forward from 2.2 to
2.8 which I thoroughly enjoyed win openSuSE 11.2. Unfortunately, I had to
downgrade back to 11.0 due to the need for the ati fglrx driver on my laptop.
Shoot me a link if you have one.

>   Also try starting gnome-sessions-daemon on the command line (it's in
> /usr/libexec on my Fedora box) to see if you get anything more (although
> all output should be in .xsession-errors).  Maybe there's a debug flag
> in the thing (don't hold you breath on that, I've seen few GNOME apps.
> with debug flags, I think it tends to be more along the lines of
> environment-variable switches).

I'll give it a go when I have more time later.

>   'Course, you could try (temporarily?) uninstalling all the kde44
> packages to see if that helps, and them maybe try to selectively
> re-install them until stuff goes wrong.

Ugh.. With a big as the kde behemoth has gotten, that could take weeks :p

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