Nautilus won't open up the same size or with same column widths in 2.30? Fine in 2.20


Nautilus in 2.30 (2.30.1) won't open up the same size it was when I shut it down. In 2.20, it remembered it's window and column widths. It's very frustrating to have to completely reconfigure the window size and the 'name', 'type' and 'date modified' columns every time I open it. (I expect that in kde4, but not in Gnome)

Is there some gconf-editor setting that will tell nautilus to save the window size and column widths and restore them the next time it is opened. I've looked and nothing jumps out at me. Are there a couple of special keys I can add. If so, what are they or where could I find a good reference of the possible keys I could try??


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