gio - why does typing bring up search instead of changing highlighted filename??


One of the most irritating features of gio file-save is the awkward way the file-save dialog will bring up a little search-box when you start typing instead of replacing the highlighted text in the filename input field.

This occurs if you change directories to save the file where you want it. When you manipulate directories to get to where you want to save the file, the filename is still highlighted, but any text input brings up that darn little box. This is backwards.

Obviously the dialog expects you to manually enter a filename first before clicking in the directory window, but I'll bet this is backwards to the way 99% of the people use a file save dialog. Usually you want to get to where you are going to save it, then tell the dialog what to save it as. With gio it looks like it will let you do this (because the filename remains highlighted), but typing doesn't change the highlighted text in the entry field -- you get the box. To actually change the filename you have to put focus back on the filename entry field which immediately destroys the highlight forcing the user to have to reselect what was just selected in order to change the filename while preserving the extension -- a pain...

Is there a switch or option for gio that will tell it to apply keyboard input to the highlighted filename regardless of where current focus is within the file-save dialog to cure this problem? Any help here would be welcome.

If there is no option to do this, what is the community consensus for changing gio to logically work like this? I've moved to gnome, but there are some areas like gio that need to be made better -- more efficient -- to eliminate unneeded/wasted keystrokes or mouse clicks. This is a prime opportunity of improvement.

Notwithstanding the old tiresome gnome/kde debate, there are some areas where the 'old' kde philosophy of keeping input down to the absolute minimum number of key-clicks and mouse-clicks really made computing more efficient. Implementing some of these good time-savers could really make gnome shine...

P.S. 'old' is set apart above recognizing the fact that efficient computing is something the 'new' kde knows nothing about...sad, but good for gnome :-)

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