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Hi Steven,

Thanks for your interest.

The idea consists of a dashboard providing the kind of advanced information you need about your computer, music, communication, weather, home, rss etc. The entire dashboard is hidden below the desktop as it were, only to show the topmost part, living just a thin edge, much like the current-gnome panel. When hitting a button/icon on the panel however, the dashboard rises showing the related information. eg. my weather icon shows 23°C, but i want details, so when clicking on it, the dashboard rises and i see the weather for the entire week, radar-map etc. You can imagine how that applies to other types of information.
Each type of info is contained within a window on the dashboard. You can switch window much like tabs, thanks to a menu which can appear either on the left or right (the menu consists of a list of those types of information).
You can also pin some of those windows to see multiple kind of information simultaneously. A pinned window will also show whenever the dashboard would rise again.
Explicitly closing the dashboard by clicking on an button or cliking outside of the dashboard would lower the dashboard again, leaving only the topmost panel-like bit visible.
The space occupied by the dashboard would depend on the amount of data to display or be constrained to a maximum by the end-user.
Notifications could also appear either as a horizontally scrolling text on the panel-bit or as a slight rise of this dashboard with text to display.

The point of this is to make all the handy information that most people use daily available on the desktop, without having them fetching it from various programs or browsers. The switch between panel and dashboard is aims at providing flexibility between basic information and thorough information.

I've got some mockup available but i don't know if this message will go through with a URL:

I'm not that good in programming, it took me a while only to figure out how to reserve space on the screen, I haven't figured out what's the best way to get the raising/lowering of the window yet. I know it's way above my league, and it's a pretty clumsy approach, but that's what I've got.

I hope I was somehow clear on what I meant.


On 11 August 2011 17:14, Steven Yong <woongiap gmail com> wrote:

What is your idea?

On Aug 11, 2011 10:18 PM, "Benjamin Trias" <jesuisbenjamin gmail com> wrote:

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