Re: Gnome3 Design "In the Open"

Hey Arthur,

Arthur Machlas wrote:
> Been trying to catch up on rationale / discussion of some gnome3
> design decisions. Read on [1] that  "virtually all the discussion
> about this has been happening on #gnome-design", and of course,
> "Change in the open is hard. Design in the open is hard."

Heh, that was me.

> Unfortunately, I've been unable to find any logs for #gnome-design,
> and a mod on the channel told me that there isn't one, so far as
> he/she knows.
> It seems odd - to put it kindly - to claim "virtually all"[1]
> development of the gnome3 UI occurring on an unlogged IRC channel can
> be considered "in the open"[1].

Yes, it's a shame we don't have logging. Not something that is
restricted to GNOME design I might add - we don't have it on any GNOME

> Not sure what can be done about this. Perhaps those who have spent
> time idling in the channel could help piece together a history of the
> development discussion? Perhaps a page could be added to the wiki to
> help recreate lost discsussions, and those with logs could help
> fill-in-the-blanks, so to speak.

We do try and document as much as we can. The GNOME Shell design page
[1] contains quite a thorough account, and the GNOME Shell design
whiteboards are quite extensive [2]. There are also a few pages relating
to system settings stuff too [3, 4].

If there are any specific decisions or issues that you would like to
explore, feel free to contact me off-list. I'll do my best to point you
in the right direction.

> Going forward, can a bot be setup to record discussions here?

Good idea. I'm sure it'll have been discussed before...

Best wishes,





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