If a university course is contributing to your project, could you answer a short survey?

If you are working with a college or university course that is contributing to your Gnome project, would you be willing to help me?
For the Frontiers in Education conference this year, I'd like to do a paper on OSS projects in class from the manager's perspective.  That is, how have open-source projects benefited from the contributi\
ons of students who are writing code for a course they are taking?
- If you manage any OSS projects, would you be willing to answer the survey?
- If you work with any OSS managers, would you be willing to forward the survey to them?
The survey itself is very short, only 7 questions, and most of them can be answered with just a name or a number.
Thanks for your help,
Edward F. Gehringer                     Voice: (919) 515-2066
Associate Professor                     Fax:   (919) 513-7075
Computer Science                        E-mail: efg ncsu edu
North Carolina State University         http://www4.ncsu.edu/~efg/

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