Saving webpages/documents

Hello people,

This may not be the right forum for this question. If so, please
redirect me.

The problem: Since is publishing the manuals in the new
format (Mallard?), I cannot find any way to save documents and use them
later in the same format.

Simply doing a 'save file' and reopen it from disk, doesn't produce the
same format (this is in Firefox).

I prefer to have my docs on disk, as I am regularly in situations
without internet access. Also, I prefer to give complete copies of the
docs to my students. Some of them do not have access either.

I tried to wget a sub-tree of, eg. gtkmm-tutorial, and found lots of
problems when opening them. There are links to style sheets in other
subdomains ( for the main style.css), to the root for
javascripts and images, etc.

Is there any way to produce self-contained versions of these docs,
short maybe of compiling them from the source packages?

Thanks in advance,

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