Request help to support MPRIS Applet for gnome shell

Hello all!
I'm working on a project called MPRIS Applet, which intend to support
many desktops.
It is a panel applet/plugin that allow controlling media players trough
MPRIS specs. 2 .
Project site:

This project needs more developers, but in top priority developer(s)
that could "port" this applet to GNOME SHELL.
I said "port" in quotes because it had a library design, no need in
Currently supported desktop are GNOME 2/GNOME 3 "fallback mode"
and Xfce4.
the libraries are:
* mpris-applet-base - The core of this package. It's responsible to any
non-graphical jobs(it use glib).
* mpris-applet-gtk - The UI and most user interaction jobs. It has main
GtkBox for interaction with end-user desktop. Support both GTK2 and
And then the part of gnome-mpris-applet and xfce4-mpris-plugin, using
the main box of mpris-applet-gtk.
More info. is in project site.

This is why it's no t a real "porting".
I don't have GNOME Shell in my machine(Debian), because of conflicts
with GNOME 2, and I really prefer not to install GNOME 3.
I'm asking anyone that could try implicate it in SHELL.
PM me for any question. No need to know autotools, just to give me a
working draft and help me testing.


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