Starting contributing - some questions

Hello everyone,

I'm a first year computer-science romanian student and I would like to start contributing to Gnome.

Firstly, I have to say that I haven't decided yet upon a project on which to contribute, that is why I'm writing to this mailing-list since I expect to get more general advice here.

As far as my knowledgement is concerned, I am well-versed in C and C++, bash scripting and I'm a beginner in _javascript_. I'm also very passionate about Linux and Gnome in particular. Taking in consideration this, I want you to suggest me a couple of projects which have as requirements these programming languages and where I can find easy bugs to fix for the beginning.

I already read the wiki pages and installed the needed development tools. In fact, right now the jhbuild script is running and it seems promising.

I have one more explicit question to end with: is there a method to import all project's sources in an IDE ( anjuta I guess is most used ) ? I mean in one step or somehow and have it organized in the project within the IDE as they are in the project's directory.

Thank you and I'm looking forward for your support !

Cruceru Calin-Cristian

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