small incompatible change in gtk-doc 1.20 wrt |[]| markdown


we discovered that change c4d09c7c95c45a1226e83f5ddd7d0f4ce2b1a1a9 which
has been release as part of gtk-doc 1.20 causes a regression for a use
that worked so far. The |[ ... ]| syntax is a shortcut for
<informalexample><programlisting> ...
</programlisting></informalexample>. Now this is automatically wrapped
as CDATA which is convenient as one does not need to use entities for
e.g. &. Unfortunately that breaks cases where one uses xi:inlcude to
embed the actual example. We fixed all the cases that we found in
modules part of the jhbuild gnome module set. The fix is easy, just
replace the |[ ]| with the docbook tags for now. For a example see

Sorry for any inconvenience,


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