configure the file chooser

Hi, few question that I could not find an answer for via Google or
Stack Overflow, nor via the provided Gnome documentation.  But I guess
you developers would know:

How can I configure the file chooser?

The settings should affect all applications of the user who makes the
configuration (i.e., I'm not asking for system-wide changes).

I'm looking in particular for the following settings:

  * Always open in a mode where I can paste a file name into a text
    field, or can start typing a path (with tab-completion)

    Currently (e.g., with GIMP 2.10.0) it always opens in Recently
    Used mode, so I have to switch to one of the other "Places" and
    then hit Ctrl-L.  I don't even want to hit Ctrl-L.

  * When entering a path (Firefox), sometimes I see completion happen
    only when I hit Tab, and sometimes it just happens automatically
    (which is extremely annoying).  This behaviour seems to change
    "automatically".  At least I don't know how to fix this to
    complete only when I hit Tab.

  * When I change the File Chooser's window size, or toggle visibility
    of hidden files, please don't remember these settings.  I want
    them temporary.

  * I cannot remove some entries from the "Places" list.  How can I
    change this?  Even better: Is there a way to show a nice file
    system tree instead of this "places" thing?

I'm interested in a solution for version 3 of this Gnome/Gtk thing.
I'd be happy to make these changes in a text editor or at least from
the command line (which I'm both familiar with), so I can back them up
nicely and script deployment.  Anyways, I'm not running a "Desktop
Environment" (and I don't want to).


--                                        o/X
I prefer receiving plain text messages, not exceeding 32kB.     /\/

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