Target state of gnome-build-meta

I'm not involved in GNOME development so far, however I use GNOME for
years and love to build and contribute to FLOSS. Thank you for it!

Over the years I had my troubles building GNOME application from source
which I did for various reason, e.g. investigate presence of an issue in
the most recent version, out of curiosity, for fun and more. I'm very
pleased with the creation of gnome-build-meta, the progress of the
migration to GitLab and the use of the CI there.

I'm investigating unused potential which I see in the current processes
and seeking to prepare an overview as basis for a discussion. In order
to avoid unnecessary work I'm looking for an eventual definite statement
about the target state of
in terms of stability of the master branch. If there's one defined, are
build failure allowed in this target state (no matter how it looks now)?
Are merge requests allowed to be merged before CI passed?


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