Re: Target state of gnome-build-meta


On Wed, 2019-05-01 at 14:58 +0200, Karl-Philipp Richter via gnome-devel-list wrote:

I'm investigating unused potential which I see in the current processes
and seeking to prepare an overview as basis for a discussion. In order
to avoid unnecessary work I'm looking for an eventual definite statement
about the target state of
in terms of stability of the master branch. If there's one defined, are
build failure allowed in this target state (no matter how it looks now)?
Are merge requests allowed to be merged before CI passed?

It is rather a work in progress, we use gnome-build-meta for the
following things:

 - Making releases

   We build core.bst to ensure that everything builds with every
   release, and we convert the git repos in the repository into
   tarballs and publish a project which will produce exactly the
   same results as when we built it at release time.

 - Building the GNOME flatpak SDK

Currently I am working on making it build a bootable image of latest
GNOME too.

About gating commits to gnome-build-meta on CI, yes we do that, but no
it is not reliable - we need to bring some more clarity to this process

The thing is, we run `bst track` as a part of the CI, which means that
we build "the latest master of every GNOME module" every time, so a
commit to the gnome-build-meta module (defining how things get built)
is not guaranteed to be the only thing which can cause CI to break - a
change in some of the modules can also break CI.

Really, there are better ways to do this, but I'd rather not get into
it on this list as I suspect the interested parties are not on this
list (I really don't see a lot of traffic here).

Maybe it would be beneficial if you were to come and ask about this in
the #freedesktop-sdk channel on freenode, or in the #release-team
channel on GNOME IRC ?


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