Re: C character encodings in libgudev and GLibby projects

On Mon, 23 Nov 2020, John Scott via gnome-devel-list wrote:

It's my understanding from the docs that unless specified otherwise, functions in GNOME's realm leverage UTF-8 strings. The (unstable) GLib docs say Glib uses UTF-8 for its strings, and GUI toolkits like GTK+ that use GLib do the same thing. If you get a file name from the file system, for example, from readdir() or from g_dir_read_name(), and you wish to display the file name to the user, you will need to convert it into UTF-8.

Well, only if you're operating on a retro *nix system that doesn't use UTF-8. (On Windows the original filenames will not be in UTF-8 but the ones you get from g* functions will already be converted from UTF-16 to UTF-8.)

Allin Cottrell

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