Re: Persian translations

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

In general, you are not wrong.

> I don't think there would make sense to have a double translation
> here;

At least, one translation already exists.  And the translator as a team
member has the right to see it added to the repository as long as
nothing better exists.

>From the individual GNOMErs point of views, there is zero reason to rate
governmental translations higher as those done by independent parties -
cooperation would be good, of course, but refusing to add available
translations because something might happen in future times isn't

At least, add the files as ...@unofficial, please.

> A lot of countries around the world legislate about the use of
> languages, but those laws vary a lot.

Yes, but this does not mean we (as members of the free world) aren't
allowed to add such language files.

> But maybe use of such systems by the government is not possible,

It's their problem.

> Knowing what exactly is the problem would help understand it.

We are just human beings and let's act as those.  Gnome is about
software and freedom, it is not about stabilizing any arbitrary
political system.  I know in real life compromises are often necessary,

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