Re: Dictionary to translate

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 04:24, Danilo Segan wrote:
> Ramanan Selvaratnam <> writes:
> >> > It must be freely usable, copiable and distributable, clearly.
> >> 
> >> GPL or compatible. Correct?
> >
> As for licensing, words and their translations cannot be licensed or
> copyrighted, because they're part of common knowledge, at least in a
> majority of places (they can be trademarked for use in constrained
> fields, like IT, but only if they're not common words at the same
> time).

OK. Things are not entirely clear but encouraging.

Then why did Pablo mention that Web dictionaries should be freely
usable, copiable and distributable?

Also is it the coining of strings from words that is copyrightable?

> > Is there anyone who has experience using common glossaries with other
> > projects. 
> >
> I'd suggest you to take a look at Webtionary project that I'm working
> on.

I have the webtionary in mind after the detailed and informative
exchanges with you few weeks back.

> If anyone is interested in
> helping out, they're more than welcome.

Count me in as I have already decided to use it to diffuse tensions due
to forking of related l10n attempts that should work together. As long
as the words are centrally agreed upon and maintained in a persistent
way Gnome l10n can go forward in full steam instead of getting dragged
into unrelated issues.

Thanks and regards,


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