Re: intltool 0.28 is available

Karl Eichwalder <> writes:

> The strange thing is it work every second or third time.  It looks like
> a timing problem or something like that.  Are special versions of these
> tools required?  I'm using:
> intltool-0.28# rpm -q perl-XML-Parser
> perl-XML-Parser-2.31-221
> intltool-0.28# rpm -q expat
> expat-1.95.6-108

According to selftest merge5p is said to be broken (broken UTF-8?), but
actually, merge5u comes with broken UTF-8.  Another problem,
results/merge5p.sheet features character references :

    Un m&#195;&#169;langeur &#195;&#160;

but intltool-merge produces proper UTF-8 characters, at least, this is
what sometimes happen.

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