Re: Evolution HEAD in status pages

I've just started the localization of Evolution 2.0.

It is a must to have it in the status pages.

But I dont know if it is going to be another release of 1.4 series.
If there is a 1.4 release pending, we should not remove 1.4 branch until
it has been finished.

For now, maintain both. 
El lun, 15-12-2003 a las 20:22, Danilo Segan escribió:
> Gnome translators, and Evolution hackers,
> What do you feel about including Evolution HEAD in translation status
> pages, instead of the current 1.4 branch (this includes modules gal,
> gtkhtml and evolution).
> Changes in 1.4 are sufficiently minor that I think we don't need to
> care much about it anymore, and 2.0 was proposed for inclusion in
> Gnome 2.6, which, if accepted, would enlarge Gnome 2.6 desktop by some
> 4k strings itself.  That's the reason I think it's really important to
> get translators' attention as soon as possible (and inclusion in
> status pages is the best way to do that).
> On a similar note, even those who have translated Evolution 1.4 would
> already have some work to do -- HEAD contains around 700 new or
> changed messages, and this will probably grow as a result of either
> bounty work, or further UI development.
> Tell me if I missed anything, but these are the modules I think of:
>  - evolution (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
>  - evolution-data-server (new module)
>  - gtkhtml (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
>  - gal (from evolution-1-4-branch to HEAD)
> Since Evolution hackers know better how stable current strings are,
> and whether it would be a wasted effort if one would update
> translation right now, I'm CCing to evolution-hackers list.
> Cheers,
> Danilo
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