Re: Evolution HEAD in status pages

Arafat probably wanted this to the list -- complete message included.

Arafat Medini <> writes:
> Hi!
> I'm all for it BUT I have another request, evolution.po is a very big
> file it hast nearly 4000 strings, is there any chance that you clear the
> po from it's debug messages, or any messages you think aren't relevant
> for translation, pls don't forget that we have so many new modules to
> work on and the shedule is very tight (gnome 2.6 is for march 8 I think
> so last commit hast to be done in fabruary this means "only" 2 months
> remaining).
> But including it in the status page hast to be done as evo became part
> of the dekstop.
> those are my 2 euro cents ;)
> yours
> Arafat Medini (Arabic gnome maintainer)

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