Re: Evolution HEAD in status pages

(Stripped evolution-hackers from this, since my answer has nothing to
do with Evolution, except for it being used as an example)

I'll also reply to this ;)

Arafat Medini <> writes:
> for translation, pls don't forget that we have so many new modules to
> work on and the shedule is very tight (gnome 2.6 is for march 8 I think
> so last commit hast to be done in fabruary this means "only" 2 months
> remaining).

If you check out schedule, you'll notice
that March 8th is when tarballs are due. This means in practice that
all tarballs will be packaged between 6th and 8th, so that's the
final date for including our translations in CVS.

As you probably know, all commits past February 23rd (hard code
freeze) should be only translation and documentation updates, and
there won't be string changes past February 9th (string freeze).

This means we will have another full month (and more, since freeze
breaks tend to continue after the release too) of kicking developers'
asses for changing strings ;-)

And yeah, that period should help us finish all translations in time ;).

All this sums up to 2 months and 20 days, which is closer to 3
months, than it is to two :)

> But including it in the status page hast to be done as evo became part
> of the dekstop.

Evolution is *not* yet part of desktop, those decisions will be made
on January 12th (module, feature and UI freeze), so before it is
decided, there's one more month.

I suggest that you don't translate Evolution (or any other proposed,
but not accepted module for that matter) since that time, especially
so because you've got much work to do on already accepted modules
(Arabic is currently at around 25% for core Gnome 2.6, using a module
list of Gnome 2.4).

Unless, of course, you think of Evolution as more essential than some
other app, or simply don't want to provide some features in this
release because of lack of time (eg. you don't want accessibility,
gnomemeeting, or something along those lines).


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